Sunday, March 01, 2009

I am not good at quitting :)

So, I was planning to basically quit and only play tourneys and only once a week. That basically lasted two weeks. I played cash games along with tourneys during those first couple days I devoted to tourneys, I also played an extra hour session of just cash games a couple times during the first half of February. The last two weeks, however, I started playing more. I wanted to play, I was winning, therefore I played a bit more. However, through Wednesday, Feb 25th, I had played enough to earn (only) about 5600 FPPs, and had not played any on any other site. I had played a lot less than before, but still a decent amount. My spring break started Friday, so I decided on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I would try to get to 10K FPPs so I am supernova at least one more month. I was successful, although it was a drag, even though I had a nice couple days in terms of profitability. Saturday I earned about 2800 FPPs in a day. I don't want to do that again.

Overall, on cash tables I had a great month - far exceeding my average monthly profitability for 2008 (which I was happy with). Also, for fun, I spent about $200 buying into step 1s and step 2s on pokerstars. I turned that into three step 4 entries (each worth $215). I already had two - so now I have five step 4 entries. I will start playing those this week. Once the WSOP sats start, I will try to play step 6s since I could just keep the cash if I win the satellite.

I don't think I will be making a trip to this years WSOP - although big satellite wins could change my mind. :) Will post if I win big.

I still don't intend to play too much, although since this is my spring break week, perhaps I can put in a few hours on some of these days to build a lot of FPPs early and then perhaps maintain supernova for another month. The dollar value of the FPPs I get is pretty sizable once stars adds their supernova multiplier, so it is certainly nice to have.


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