Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I made supernova shortly after my last post. I had felt like I was in a rut where things were not going right so I had not been playing as much. It was cool to make it - and I cashed out 186K FPPs right away to help pay for finishing our basement.

I have played a tad more recently. I got back into SNGs and sats. I have had some limited success. On stars, I have been bounced from all sats except I won a 650 W$ sat, which makes the overall experience profitable. On stars I have only played multi-table SNGs. I haven't played too many, but of those I played I took down a $36 45-man tourney.

I have played a bunch on full tilt recently also. A wise person might ask: "Why the he** would you get supernova on stars, then go play on full tilt". The reason is that they have these "super-turbo" SNGs. They are like crack: very addictive. The levels are 3 minutes long, and you start with 300 chips. ICM becomes very important, although some adjustments are crucial as well (big stacks there are extremely powerful). I have probably played 250 of them by now. I am +EV in them (at least up to the $70 level), but the variance can be pretty brutal.

I have played some NL FR and SH on stars as well. I am only playing that when I want to, however. In January I will make sure I put in the time to maintain supernova - but for the rest of the month I can avoid cash games if I choose.


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