Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year

I took a short break at the end of 2008 from poker, and I am still assessing how much I want to play in 2009. I have been feeling like I am playing too much, and I should slow down. The problem is, poker is a way I earn money, which makes me think I should play whenever I have free time.

I am supernova on stars still. I get 2 months free at supernova, but it will extend until July if I get 10K base FPPs per month. Unfortunately, I have not been interested in playing too many cash games. I have been much more focused on SNGs, which I earn far fewer FPPs playing. Also, some of the games I have been playing on stars are their "hyper turbos", which are even sicker than tilt's hyper-turbos. They have no rake, however, which means no FPPs. The players on stars are worse, however, since their hyper turbo SNGs are all for satellites. Even the regulars who multi-table make some awful mistakes. On Saturday night, I won one without playing a hand. It was a 6-max SNG, with 2 seats. On the first 4 hands, two players doubled up. Then these two geniuses, who could coast and get at least 3rd (which is your money back), get all in with KJ vs. QT. One player now has 3000 chips, I have 650, and another player has 850. The player with 850 gets all in to the big stack a couple hands later and loses, and I win my seat with a VPIP of 0.

I really would like to get my butt in gear and get the 10K base FPPs, however. I like being supernova. I get a greater rate of FPPs, which works to a nice rakeback. I have also played the 50K weekly freerole most weeks, which has the value of a $35 buyin tourney. I have had little luck there, but the play is far weaker than a typical $35 buyin tourney, so it is a good tourney.


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