Friday, December 19, 2008

Now I know what a crack addict feels like

I have been playing a lot of the hyper-turbo SNGs on full tilt and they are very addictive. I probably have averaged playing 20-25 per day over the past week. I mostly play the $45 and $30 buyins, since the variance is huge.

For those who are not familiar with the hyper turbos, you start with 300 chips and the blinds start at 15/30. The stacks aren't so thin where you have to push absolutely anything early, but they are pretty short. The trick in this (as with all SNGs), is knowing exactly when it is right to push and when it is right to fold. A good knowledge of ICM is crucial, although with stacks this short, you can't push all in as liberally and you can call all in more often. I actually don't think my ICM knowledge is perfect, but it isn't bad.

My best guess is that I have about a 5-10% ROI in these things (probably slightly higher counting the full tilt rakeback).

I have played a tad on stars, but not much, I had a nice run a week ago on the cash game tables there, so my bankroll is higher now than it has been in a while. I also have no more plans to cash out for a little bit, as our basement expenses are now covered.

On January 1st I will start putting in some hours on stars as I try to maintain my supernova and build up FPPs early in the year. Regardless of how devoted I get to earning Stars VPPs, I will certainly have enough for one $1500 event at the WSOP. I likely would have enough for two events or a bigger buyin event. However, I don't know whether I will be making the trip this year. (Since we have 3 kids, it puts a pretty big burden on my wife.)

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays. I will try to provide more-frequent updates (hopefully with good news).


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