Saturday, November 08, 2008

Up to 97500 Base FPPs

I keep getting closer to Supernova. I had very little time to play this week, but I think I might be able to get to supernova this weekend (should take about 5 hours of play).

If I don't get there, I will get close.

I am not quite sure what I will spend my FPPs on yet. I was going to pay to finish the basement, but I think I have that covered.

Running about average when I play. The past 2 years the games have gotten easier around the holidays. With the bad economy, I don't know if that will happen again this year. I hope so, however.


At 6:31 PM, Anonymous Kyle S. said...

Hey, hope all is well with you!! We should catch up sometime. After reading your recent posts, I feel compelled to tell you something that works for me when I loose that enthusiastic mindset. I find that going back to one table (yes, one) after taking a short break really allows me to focus tremendously on playing the minds of my opponents rather than the automation of situations in multi-table mode. Being able to pick up and identify what an opponent will do (even when you arent in the hand) really can bring the enthusiasm back to the game. It brings back the little things that make the game great!

Email me to catch up if you want sometime. Its my first initial, last name @ the SU alumni address.


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