Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Have not played much this month

I guess that statement is all relative - but I have played about 11K hands so far this month. Given I have mostly 10-16 tabled, it really isn't many hands. I was getting back from a trip early this month. Then I visited family where I was gone for 9 days. I played a couple times on the trip, but only for a couple hours.

Thankfully I have done pretty well, with a PTBB/100 rate that is just slightly above my long term rate. On the trip, I also played live. I played a $175 tourney at the running aces casino in MN, where I busted in the 3rd hour on a pretty standard play. My mom played too, almost making the final table. While she was playing, I played some cash games where I won back my buyin for a break-even night.

I have about 5400 base FPPs (VPPs) for the month. I hope play 10 hours or so in the next 10 days, which will get me to Platinum star for yet another month.

School starts again on Monday. I am looking forward to it - but once again that will certainly cut into my ability to find time to play poker.


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