Friday, September 05, 2008

Playing some, but still busy

I have played a bit in the past few weeks, but have been busy, as today marks the end of the first two weeks of the semester. My results have been all over the place. Since the last post, I have had two big downswings and two big upswings. thankfully, one of the upswings was completely ridiculous, so I am up a modest amount over the past few weeks. Really, I am running at about my expectation, but my results are all over the place.


I doubt I will play any WCOOP events. I simply don't have time to commit more than 4 hours to an event. (And if you do well, it takes far more than that.) With the school year starting, and all the kids activities, it is tough to find big blocks of time to play. I usually play in stretches of less than one hour - and sometimes for as few as 15-20 minutes.


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