Friday, September 12, 2008

Lousy week

I had a pretty rough week - lost about 10 buyins over the course of the week. I am sure that I miplayed a few hands, but mostly I think it was coolers/bad luck. Yesterday I had 5 big hands where all money got in:

The first 4:
QQ vs. JJ (win) pre flop
AK vs. QQ (loss) pre-flop
QQ vs. JT on a J73 flop (loss)
98 vs. JT on a KQ8 flop - he had a flush draw too, so he was over a 65% favorite (loss)

The worst part of this - the 3 loses were at 2/4 NL (short stacking), while the win was at 1/2 (also short stacking). After this, I played some full stack NL. I was slightly up, when I got all in on a Q82 flop w AA vs. KK, and was rivered. Kind of a bad way to end the day.

Bad swings happen, just as good ones do - so I just need to keep playing well, or stop if I think I am not playing well. I am up a bit today, and am probably done. Hopefully I have a good weekend.

Quest for supernova

I am at about 5300 base FPPs this month, and slightly over 77K for the year. I should hit 100K (and supernova) sometime in late October or early November. That will add a nice boost to the FPPs I earn from stars.


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