Saturday, October 11, 2008

Playing for profit, not fun ...

I have been enjoying poker a lot less recently. I have been doing OK (albeit not great), and am now well out of a downswing I had in September.

Poker just isn't too much fun right now. I have been playing between 10-18 tables of 1/2 NL at stars. It all just seems the same anymore. I am potentially looking for other ways to make side money (through work opportunities) so I could play less and not have a drop in our family income.

I will keep playing a bit. I am almost at 90K base FPPs at stars, and certainly want to hit supernova this year. It isn't too tough to hit 10K base FPPs per month when averaging 14 tables. Further, my attitude may change at some point this year or next, and I would be pretty upset with myself if I came so close and was not able to enjoy supernova benefits next year.


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