Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Made a final table Sunday night

I played a few tourneys Sunday night:

The $200 mulligan on full tilt (busted in hour 2)
The $75 7:00 PM tourney on full tilt (busted in hour 2)
The $11 (one rebuy, one addon) at stars - busted in hour one
The $22 rebuy on full tilt.

In the last one, I made a run. I went into hour 2 slightly above average in chips, then used big hands to propel me to 3rd chip position out of about 60 left after the 2nd break. Starting the 3rd hour, I literally raised every hand first in. It was a 6 max tourney, so fewer players to go through, but I chipped up from 34K to 66K by doing this, and getting action twice when I had hands (I certainly got more action because of my image).

However, after changing tables to a very aggro table and losing a 12-out coinflip, I only ended hour 3 with 44K in chips. This was still above average with about 35 left, as we neared the bubble of 24 players paying. I chipped away, restole where necessary, and got lucky twice (KK beats AA, and J9 beats QQ on a J82 flop) and made the final table.

I busted in 6th (which is first out at a 6 max tourney) at the final table when I restole from "tilting guy" who happened to have QQ that time, and that was good for a $475 cash. I am happy with most of my play, but will review my hand history. I think I got too timid raising first in the later stages of the tourney, although I did resteal a lot.

1/2 NL cash games

14-18 tabling 1/2 NL is going OK, although I can't play as many tables on full tilt, I think. Their software lags a bit, and the fact that I don't see images for players makes it tougher for me to track who I am playing against and their tendancies. I think at full tilt I have to restrict myself to 8 (which is what I can play with 2 monitors in tile mode). Last week was a profitable one, although slightly below expectation, in large part due to losing a fair amount trying to 14-table full tilt (where I think I made a few mistakes).

Going to mostly grind this week, although I might try to play tourneys one night.


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