Friday, July 04, 2008

Grinding Stars

I have been playing quite a bit on stars the past few days. They have a double VPP promotion that started July 1st and goes through July 6th. I was hoping to get about 5,000 VPPs per day, for 30,000 K total, but after 3 days I had barely broken 10,000 VPPs. Not bad, but not great.

The games are a bit tougher, as all grinders are multitabling, and I am about even for the past 3 days. I am up some at NL cash (16-tabling), but down at limit. I think the NL earn rate is about normal for me, and I have been a tad unlucky at limit (e.g., last night I only got AA 4 times in 1350 hands, and lost money with them). However, I might only be a breakeven player vs. all these grinders right now. The problem I run into is I can get a lot more VPPs with limit.

Will be playing quite a bit the next 3 days on stars, then I have to play tilt to work off a $250 bonus I got from them. I think I need about 5,000 Tilt points, which should not be too tough to get if I can 8-10 table NL games, as tilt points accumulate more quickly than stars points (but they are not as valuable).


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