Sunday, May 18, 2008

WSOP plans

As you know, I am playing in event 2 of the WSOP. I pre-registered, and received the confirmation via email that I received the day I wanted - day 1B (Sunday, June 1st). Because of my chop in the People's championship, I am also going to play event #3, the PL holdem $1500 event. In this event, ITHers will have approx 30% of my action. I like this for a couple reasons. First, I think there are some strategic mistakes made at PL holdem that are not made in NL holdem. Second, there is a 5K WSOP event that will draw in a lot of the top pros. So, while the field will certainly be tough - most of the top pros will probably play the $5K.

If I make it out of day 1 of event 2, I will not be able to play event 3 and will give the stake to another ITHer to play for the backers.

Life Decision

I realize that I have not updated you on what we decided. I mentioned a while ago how we were deciding whether to take a job somewhere else. We decided to stay - we are happy here and I like my job and my co-workers here.

Movin' On Up

I have been so happy with my Heads Up NL Cash game that I am moving up in stakes. Yesterday was my first day playing 2/4 NL HU cash games. I made a couple mistakes that were costly and had two huge outdraws that cost me big pots (T6 vs. QT all in on T62 flop - he hits running jacks, and 33 on T43 board - all in vs. shorter stack with T9 and board hits a running T and 4), but overall I netted a slight win yesterday. The winning or losing isn't as important as making good decisions, however. If I do that - I will win in the long run.


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