Friday, May 16, 2008

Chopped the ITH People's Championship

Seven of us played in the ITH People's Championship last night. While small, the field was very tough - including nside and yankees31. I ended up getting HU with nside with a huge chip deficit. However, a flopped set for me and QT for him on a T high board helped me double up.

When I had a slight chip lead (just under 55% of chips, I think), nside and I decided to chop. Normally I would ask for a bit more out of the chop, but since nside is a friend, the extra equity I could fight over would only total about $100, my chip lead was pretty small, and nside is also a good player, I decided to chop. We discussed that he owes me a drink in Vegas for it, however.

So - the original plan for the People's Championship was that you paid $250, with $125 going to the "players pool" for 1/2 your action in the WSOP event, and the other $125 going to the backers pool, for 5% of the action of the winner. I am not certain how it will exactly work with the chop, but I assume that instead of the "backers" getting 50% of 1 player, they will get 25% of two players. So I will get $1250 to buy into a WSOP event - with $375 of my action going to the people's champion backers. I will also get 2 1/2 percent of nside's action.

I suck at limit

Well, maybe not, but I had an awful hour at it yesterday, losing 60 big bets. That is a loss of $10/minute at 5/10 limit - not a good hour. I am taking a break from it until I read stoxpoker a bit more. Also, I think I am clearly a winner in the games at CakePoker, but I am probably only a slight winner or breakeven player at stars or full tilt.

I rule at NL HU

OK, I think I am good, but perhaps I don't rule. However, as bad as I did at limit yesterday, I did better at 1/2 HUNL. I won 5 buyins yesterday and this morning, which means I am actually up in cash games over the last 2 days, despite my awful, awful performance at limit. I really feel in the zone in NL cash games right now. I am thinking of moving up to 2/4 NLHU - I am ready.


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