Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Getting excited for WSOP

Two weeks from Saturday I head to Vegas, and I am excited. I sent in my registration for event 2. I will play day B of event #2 - on Sunday, June 1st. I certainly plan to do well and be playing on Monday, but if I am out Sunday, there are lots of tourneys I could play. Nside posted a schedule of tourneys on ITH, which include some $500 buyin events. I will likely either play $500 events on Monday and Tuesday of my stay. However, I might instead opt to buy into the $1500 PL holdem event which starts on Monday, June 2nd.

Getting tourney game into shape

Although the results aren't there yet to prove it, I think my tourney game is getting into shape. I have made a couple small adjustments that I think are paying off.

Doing well still with cash games and SNGs

After a breakeven stretch for a few days, I have been on a tear again yesterday and today. The main game I am doing well in is Heads up NL holdem cash games. I have been playing the 1/2 NL games at both cake poker and full tilt poker and have done well. I broke my rules and decided to play some multi-tablers, largely because I didn't want to wait, but I also felt good about my game and wanted a challenge. It is fun to see 3- and 4-tablers of HUNL play me for 30 minutes and then leave to find softer spots.

What is Elmo Reading?

I have received a big shipment of books recently. Now that I am back into limit holdem a bit, I have stoxpoker's book. Wow, that is not light. I think I am going to break from limit holdem a bit until I study this book a bit more. When I go back, I first thing I am going to study/memorize that starting hand chart. It is quite different from anything else I have seen. That won't take long, of course, but I think starting with that would be nice. The other concepts in there don't seem so foreign - but I am getting quite a bit out of it, even though I am still in the early stages.

I also received Harrington on Cash I and II, and Gus Hanson's book (Every Hand Revealed). I look forward to reading those a bit in the next couple weeks and on the plane.


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