Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Still running-hot

I have been running pretty well still in SNGs, limit holdem, and NL holdem. I have played a fair amount of each, playing the most limit and the least NL. It is nice to run hot now, as I will bring a nice roll so I can comfortably play 5/10 NL tables or 20/40 or higher limit while in Vegas with no fear of bankroll implications.


I have been watching more PXF videos - and feel good about what I am learning. I played a few tourneys tonight but have bombed out so far, except I am still in the fill tilt $32K guaranteed. I did win a $320 sat on FT, however, so at least that has paid for tonight's entries.

I am shaking off the rust of my game, and feel pretty good about my game, but am still making more mistakes than I would like. But, I am starting to get back into my groove, and hopefully my game will be in top form by the WSOP.


At 6:53 AM, Blogger Nsidestrate said...


I'm totally fired up about the WSOP this year. I'm hearing that Event 2 will definitely sell out early and that they will not accept alternates. You should probably pre-register.


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