Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I love the quote on this poster: "When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead". I have had three bad sessions - one Friday afternoon at HU NL, one Monday morning/afternoon and one Tuesday morning/afternoon. I took a short break each time, came back and did great. While the quote here is kind of silly, the parellel to poker is obvious. Don't dwell on a downswing - just play your game well, and if you think you aren't playing well, take a break and come back. If you make correct decisions, the money will find its way into your bankroll.

There is plenty of negative things one could focus on in poker. Last night I made it to 29/1370 in a stars MTT - losing when a guy min-reraised me with J8o, and I pushed all in on the flop with 11 outs vs. him when he flopped top pair, but I missed. That sucked, as I was excited for a chance at a big payday and 29th paid a pittance. However, it is probably much more important that I think I am playing very well in MTTs going into Vegas. Further, I have been on a nice little run again this week as I have been playing quite a bit of 2/4 NL (both full ring and short-handed), making this the 6th straight week for me to book a nice weekly win. (I have been counting weeks Friday-Thursday, so I could still end up negative for the week, but as of today I am having the best week of this stretch).

Speaking of awesomeness, I leave for Vegas Saturday morning. This is probably the last update I give prior to Vegas, but I will try to call in with audio updates from the WSOP. I play events on Sunday and Monday, so be sure to check often if you want the scoop on how I am doing (the tourney starts at 3:00 PM eastern time, so the first update won't be until 5:15 or so Eastern time).


At 6:14 AM, Blogger janeg said...

Best of luck in Vegas Elmo, hope your cards run well and the fish drown in the river.


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