Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tourney game shaping up

Last night I played a couple 8:00 PM tourneys - one on stars and one on tilt. I cash in stars (finished about 60/1400) and, with 145 left (135 paid), I got all in PF w QQ vs. 98s for a 36K chip pot (26K was average) but was outdrawn. I was happy with my play in this full tilt tourney, however. Going into the WSOP - that is probably more important than the results.

On stars, I felt like I played very well also - but lost a critical hand where I lost a big pot with 88 vs. JJ (I have to give the opponent credit here - I saw him raise KK utg before, so when he limped, then raised from utg, I figured his range was most pairs up to 99 or so, along with AK and AQ. I was surprised that he had JJ - and just have to give him credit for mixing up his game well. I am not too unhappy with my play there, and in fact, I might have been ahead of his range. My chance to double back up to an almost-average stack failed when my QJ couldn't beat 88.

I am pretty happy about how well my tourney game is going now. I am very excited for Vegas (I leave in 9 days).

NL cash games

Since my post about my win against the one opponent, I have played a bit more NLHU cash games and am a bit more than a buyin ahead. I have been playing 2/4 and 3/6 NL full ring games along with 1/2 and 2/4 NL heads up games.


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