Friday, May 23, 2008

The past few days and week in review

I have had my fifth straight week of really good results (and, I think, pretty decent play). A quick summary ...

HU NL cash

I am doing well with it - although I just lost a couple buyins to one player in mostly variance, but one or two questionable plays. That being said, I am up for the week at 2/4 NLHU play, albeit not too much and not too many hours. Overall, I feel good about how things have gone.

Turbo tourneys

In the past couple days I have played 4 $60 45-man tourneys, cashing in one of them for 3rd, and 3 $12 180 man, winning one.


Nothing to report since the other night, I am feeling good about my game.

Limit Cash

On haitus until I figure it out a bit better - reading stoxpoker right now.

No-Limit Cash full ring

I am playing some and I think the 2/4 NLFR games on stars are quite beatable (at least by me). I look forward to playing those more in the near future.


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