Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Heading home

I am about to get on a flight home from Vegas. For those who didn't listen to the podcast, I finished 181st in Event 2, for a payout of almost $4,300. I wrote down almost all my hands of note during tournament. I hope to provide a hand-for-hand account of my tournament in the next few days.

Outside of the WSOP - it was mostly a breakeven trip. I played 3 SNGs and chopped one, for a slight net win. However, I lost about a half buyin at 5/10 NL. I was pretty happy with my play in 5/10 NL - especially since it was the highest stakes cash games I had ever played live. I think the play in the 5/10 NL game I played was comparable to a $100 or $200 buyin NL full ring table at stars.


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