Monday, May 28, 2007

Tournaments last night

I played several tourneys last night. I busted early from the UB $35 and the full tilt $24 (starting at 7:30 and 8:00 PM). I put in $6 in a sat for the UB 30K guarantee that started at 11:00 PM and won – but busted in the event 15 minutes in with AA when villain turned 2 pair with his KJ (he had put in over 1/3 of his stack with KJ prior to the turn when he took the lead – wtf?).

I also played the stars 18K guar. In that I had some success. I was down early to half the buyin, but battled back and fought my way the whole tourney. 1676 entered, and I ended up in 7th when my AK lost a flip to 99. If I win that I am tied for the chip lead and probably win or take 2nd. Instead, I got just over 1K for my troubles. This tourney was a lesson in short stack play. I was hovering with an M of between 4 and 7 for most of the post-money bubble, usually with a slightly (or well) below average stack.

I am not sure if any hands there are too fascinating – but I will check. I have worked on patience in tourneys and I think that has started paying dividends.


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