Sunday, August 19, 2007

A guy threatens to report me

This is hilarious. I made a tough call after determining the guy had an Ace or nothing – figuring his range is such that the call is correct. I was right …

Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $2 BB (2 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from (Format: HTML)

Hero ($131.30)

Button ($145.10)

Preflop: Hero is BB with 7s, 8s.

Button raises to $7, Hero calls $4.

Flop: ($13) 3c, Ah, 8c (2 players)

Hero checks, Button bets $6, Hero calls $6.

Turn: ($25) 5d (2 players)

Hero checks, Button checks.

River: ($25) Qc (2 players)

Hero checks, Button bets $20, Hero calls $20.

Final Pot: $65

Results in white below:

Hero has 7s 8s (one pair, eights).

Button has Ts 9c (high card, ace).

Outcome: Hero wins $65.

Then the following chat comes up (villains name is “GilbertTheGator”). This chat was during the beginning of the next hand (where I won a small pot with 55).

GilbertTheGator: horrilbe call
GilbertTheGator: i played the flush draw u idiot

GilbertTheGator: ur so bad

GilbertTheGator: value bet the river
GilbertTheGator checks
GilbertTheGator: lololol

GilbertTheGator: im gonna bust you so fast

Well, this guy is a tool, obviously. But how to respond. Well, I had to leave soon anyway, so I thought I could put him on tilt a bit for others to enjoy by making the following comments:

PokerElmo: fine, I will leave after this hand, if I am so bad
PokerElmo: thx for letting me know I am outclassed

He did not like this:

GilbertTheGator: if you hit and run you will be reported and blacklisted

I sat out once the big blind hit me, then said:

PokerElmo: blacklisted, for leaving with my money?
PokerElmo: please report me

After I sat out, he said he was writing the email. I know the rules well enough to know anyone can leave at anytime. I thought about reporting him, actually, as these kinds of threats might fool others who don’t know the rules. I guess you meet all kinds of tools online.


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