Friday, June 08, 2007

NL – 6-max. Wow, the swings are freaking huge!

In the 48 hours since I posted last, I am up about 1 buy-in playing ½ NL 6-max. This does not quite tell the story, however.

Wednesday, I had a good day – winning over 4.5 buyins. A great day playing relatively little (at one points, I was up 50 PTBB/100). Yesterday, I gave most back. I was down 2.5 buyins when this hand came up (hand history crapped out for UB on this hand, so this is by memory).

Elmo has 99 – raised utg (6-max) to $7 $400 stack.
UTG+1 is a LP PF player, LAGGY post-flop player with $1000 chip stack (this is ½ NL, max buyin $200).
Everyone else folds.
Flop is K 3 3.

Elmo bets $12 as a continuation bet. UTG+1 calls. Elmo is thinking “I am done with this hand”. Then however …

Turn 9Wow – I made a boat. Since stacks are so deep, the best way to possibly stack him is to ch-raise here, so I check.

UTG+1 bets $40 (about the pot). I ch-raise to $145. This leaves $235 behind or so – a good amount for a river bet should he call. To my delight, he calls.

River – a K

UHGGGG! I check. He bets $100 into $300+ pot. I figure he must see there is no way I have a king, so there is a better than ¼ chance he is value betting with either a 3 or AA (or QQ), so I call, and he shows King-Ten. His turn call was incredibly weak, but worked out. I certainly sucked out on the turn, but if I don't, I lose far, far less on this hand.

Sooooo…. that K on the river meant instead of losing 1 buyin, I lost 4 buyins yesterday.

I decided just to stop for the day. I had plenty of other things going on – so no biggie. In general, I felt I was playing OK, but there is no point in proceeding when I could just start again fresh the next day. This morning I decided just to one-table to start to make sure I made proper decisions (after a big loss – this is not a bad strategy). I ended a half-buyin up making me up one buyin over 2 days. Not a bad result, really, but a pretty sick way to get there. If I won 3.5 buyins per weak playing part-time, I would be thrilled. Just a brutal, gut-wrenching way to get there.

This Sunday – I am playing the Sunday million on stars and the UB $200K. Hopefully I can make a nice run in one or both. I would not mind winning one hundred thousand dollars this weekend.


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