Monday, July 09, 2007

How much “gamble” do I have today?

If you read through the blog, you will notice that I play $1 bb or $2 bb mostly, but occasionally have dabbled in bigger stakes also. It is quite odd – but on different days I may have completely different desires for risk. On days where I don’t want to risk as much, I play $1 bb NL 6-max. 4- or 6-tabling that I can still earn a very nice rate. When I have a bit more gamble in me, I will play $1/2 NL or even 2/4 or 3/6 NL (usually short stacked at higher, but not always).

After reading about the poker mindset more, I think this is a healthy thing to realize. If there is a day I crave action – it would be foolish to play $1 bb NL, as I will likely play too reckless. In fact, I have had these moments where I play far too reckless at $1 bb NL. I don’t know that it was tilting as much as wanting action. These days it is far smarter to play higher stakes. Likewise, there are days when a $500 loss would upset me more than it should. At $1/2 NL, that is just 2 ½ buyins and could happen in a bad 10 minutes. On these days, playing $1 bb NL is a better choice.

It has taken me a while to realize this, but I really think this is a bit asset. Just because you can technically beat a limit, does not mean that you have to play that everyday. Lately, I have not wanted to play much 1/2 NL - so I have stuck with $1 bb NL.

I had a good Saturday and Sunday playing - winning some cash games and winning a $215 UB seat and a $215 pokerstars seat, although Sunday night I gave back some when I bought in to a couple tourneys and two EBJ games (one SNG, one tourney) and did not cash any. I also lost about a buyin this morning, but still up since the last post.


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