Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick Update

My son started kindergarten recently. That has been a big hit on time, mainly because I am always getting up early with him and rarely stay up late anymore. The consequences: no more tourneys for now. This has been a bummer for me, as I love tourneys. However, by 8:00 PM, any tourney that I do well in will go until at least midnight or 1:00 PM – often later. This is later than I want to stay up given I am up by 6:00 AM, so I have not played tourneys.

I have played a lot of Heads up recently. I am rotating between $33 turbo SNGs and HU NL cash (usually $1/$2 NL). I have been focusing more on the SNGs in the past week, and have done well. I think my ROI in them is about 8-10%, which could make for a good hourly earn rate if I focused on 3-tabling for an extended period of time. Usually I can only fit 30-40 minutes of playing in, however.

I will try to start posting some HU NL information soon – but the key idea is simply to get into your opponents’ head. Know what they raise, when they slowplay, whether they would checkraise flopped trips, etc. Everyone is different, and the big challenge is to make reasonable guesses about how your opponents play as quickly as possible.


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